1. Asendcore

    ASEND Core Facility

    The Analytical Science and Engineering at Notre Dame (ASEND) Core Facility exists to help solve current, emerging, and industry-relevant problems through the creation of new capabilities in measurement science and engineering. The facility houses state-of-the-art instruments suitable for characterization and structure elucidation of chemical, materials, and biophysical samples.

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  2. Nmrfacility4

    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

    With eight spectrometers ranging in proton frequencies from 300 to 800 MHz, this research core is one of the largest, most flexible, and best equipped NMR facilities in the world.

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  3. Xrayfacility2

    X-ray Crystallography

    The superbly equipped Molecular Structure Facility maintains three state-of-the-art diffractometers enabling the structural identification of both single-crystal and powder samples.

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  4. Massspecfacility

    Mass Spectrometry

    The Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility (MSPF) provides both instrumentation and expertise for analyses ranging from confirmation of identity and purity of small organics to proteomics involving very large biomolecules.

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  5. Mcf

    Materials Characterization

    The Materials Characterization Facility provides a wide array of equipment and instrumentation for the characterization and synthesis of new materials. Surface, crystallographic, photovoltaic, electrochemical, tribology, rheometric, and dynamic mechanical testing analyses are among the many characterization methods supported.

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  6. Biophyscore

    Biophysics Instrumentation Core Facility

    The Biophysics Instrumentation Core (BIC) Facility provides access to trained technical staff and sophisticated instrumentation dedicated to characterizing biomolecular conformations and interactions. Instrumentation is also available for isolation and purification of macromolecules for subsequent detailed biophysical analysis.

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  7. Crc2

    Research Computing

    The Center for Research Computing provides exceptional levels of processing speed and power, including parallel supercomputers, clusters, grid networks and storage.

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  8. Stockroomfacility

    Chemistry Stockroom

    The Chemistry stockroom houses the Chemistry Nitrogen Core Facility, maintains an inventory of supplies both for lab safety and office work and coordinates receiving and shipping needs.

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  9. Mobasheryiifimage

    Integrated Imaging Facility

    The Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility (NDIIF) provides an integrated suite of sophisticated microscopes and imaging stations with a focus on electron microscopy, optical microscopy, and small animal imaging.

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  10. Cestfacility

    Environmental Science & Technology

    The Center for Environmental Science and Technology (CEST) provides cutting-edge analytical technologies. The facility houses over twenty instruments for chemical analysis and materials testing.

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  11. Nanofab 450x250

    Nanofabrication Facility

    The Nanofabrication Facility has 9000 ft2 of cleanroom space housing a comprehensive suite of cutting edge equipment for nanomaterial manufacturing and characterization.

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  12. Genomicsfacility2

    Genomics and Bioinformatics

    The Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility provides sequencing and micro-array services to support state-of-the-art genomics experiments and bioinformatics analyses. Applications span genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics.

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  13. Friemanfacility

    Freimann Life Science

    The Freimann Life Science Center (FLSC) is comprised of two state-of-the-art animal facilities. It is fully accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International.

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