Safety is of central importance in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Ensuring a safe workplace is the joint responsibility of all coworkers, faculty, and administrators. The department supports a strongly proactive approach to safety concerns.

Report a safety concern

Prior to starting experimental work, all new laboratory coworkers must complete the assigned online safety training modules, read the relevant safety documents, and sign the appropriate forms. 

Summary of coworker requirements before starting laboratory work:

The specific requirements for appropriate online and other training varies with the nature of the research you will be conducting (general laboratory, radiation, biological, etc.). The list below summarizes the steps required for all coworkers.

  1. Before starting laboratory work, all coworkers must take the assigned online safety training modules in eNDeavor. The courses are assigned by the department's safety coordinator, Mary Prorok (
  2. Read the University's Laboratory Safety Manual including the Chemical Hygiene Plan as well as all other safety manuals pertinent to the planned laboratory work. These can include:
  3. Consult with your faculty supervisor regarding the specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policy of his/her laboratory and sign the Lab Personnel PPE Knowledge Certification form which is furnished by your supervisor.
  4. Read any laboratory specific protocols and/or standard operating procedures, and undertake any laboratory- or equipment-specific requirements for safety training.
  5. Consult with your faculty supervisor on the Working-Alone Policy for their laboratory, and, if applicable, submit the "Researcher Consent Form for Working Alone on High-Risk Activities" to Mary Prorok at

Departmental Safety Committee

The Safety Committee seeks to unify and simplify safety policy across the various research facilities where our faculty operate laboratories. Committee members are:

It is the expectation that all researchers in McCourtney Hall, Stepan Hall, or Nieuwland Hall observe the following criteria: