Injury, Illness, Incident and Near Miss Procedures

Updated Workplace Injury Flowchart
  • In the event of a fire, serious injury, or other life-threatening situation, call Emergency Assistance at 911. When a biological, chemical, or radioactive spill occurs, or you encounter another hazardous situation, such as a possible gas leak, call Risk Management at 1-5037 (574-631-5037) or Notre Dame Police at 1-5555 (574-641-5555).
  • Remember to have your name, number, location, and any other pertinent information available at the time of the call. It is important to inform the emergency responders if any one has been injured or if there has been personal exposure.
  • After contacting the appropriate emergency responders, you should alert your supervisor and/or the chair's office during business hours at 1-7058 (574-631-7058).