Why Study Chemistry & Biochemistry?

Chemistry is the science of substances that comprise the world around us, and Biochemistry explores the chemical foundations of living systems. These disciplines focus on understanding the structure, properties, and reactions of matter spanning the scale range from individual atoms to biological macromolecules. 


Programs of Study

Bachelor of science degrees are offered with a major in Chemistry or a major in Biochemistry. A combination program, Chemistry with Computing, is also offered. The flexible curriculum also allows many opportunities to take supplemental minors.


Career Paths

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors have many career options. Medical school, graduate school in chemistry or biochemistry, work as a bench chemist (eg. in pharmaceutical industry), teaching at levels from high school to university, positions at government agencies such as the FBI, and law school are just some of the possible career paths. 


Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research is strongly encouraged; many students begin as sophomores or even freshmen. You can receive credit, and there are many paid summer research opportunities both at ND and elsewhere.

Notre Dame undergraduate students studying in London at the Notre Dame Center

Study Abroad

We offer a very flexible program that allows many options for studying abroad. The most common option for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors is Dublin in the Junior year, but students go to Spain, Egypt, Mexico, Chile, London, Australia, and other locations.


Meet Our Students

Learn about our program directly from our Chemistry and Biochemistry majors. They discuss their experiences in class, in research, and in other campus activities.