Building Access

Harper Hall Exterior

After business hours and on weekends, buildings can be accessed using your Irish1 card after being assigned permission.

For building access permission, please contact the following:

Stepan and Nieuwland Halls: Kevin Young,

McCourtney Hall: Kevin Stout,

Harper and Raclin-Carmichael Halls: Patrena Kedik,

Troubleshooting Tips

  • This video demonstrates how to use your Irish1 card for door access.
  • For assistance with your pin number, please visit the Irish1 card office.
  • Try to open the door after using your card even if you don't hear the door click.
  • Generally, the door closest to the access reader will be the one that unlocks, but try all the doors just in case.
  • Ensure that your Irish1 card is not expired.