Minor in Chemistry

General Program Requirements

The minor in chemistry requires a total of 17 credit hours. In order to enter the chemistry sequence, students must have completed CHEM10171 or CHEM10181 or have AP Chemistry credit (CHEM10097 or CHEM10098).  Students must also maintain a 2.0 GPA or better in the minor courses.


  • Following College of Science policy, at least 50% of the courses for the minor must be unique and not double counted at the major, college, or university level.
  • All courses for the minor must be taken at Notre Dame or through an ND approved study abroad program.
  • Independent research credits cannot be used toward the minor.
  • Biochemistry and Science Preprofessional Studies majors cannot add the minor in chemistry.

Required Courses

Students must complete courses in organic chemistry and chemistry across the periodic table with their corresponding laboratories.

  1. Organic Chemistry - 1 lecture (3 credit) + 1 laboratory (1 credit)
    • CHEM10172 & CHEM11172 - "Organic Structure and Reactivity" lecture and lab OR
    • CHEM10182 & CHEM11182 - "Organic Structure and Mechanism" lecture and lab OR
    • CHEM10176 & CHEM11172 -"Organic Chemistry for Chemical & Biomolecular Engineers" lecture and "Organic Structure and Reactivity" lab
  2. Chemistry Across the Periodic Table - 1 lecture (3 credit) + 1 laboratory (1 credit)
    • CHEM20274* & CHEM21274 - "Chemistry Across the Periodic Table" lecture and lab (*CHEM10122 "General Chemistry - Principles & Processes" can be considered as a replacement for CHEM20274 on a case-by-case basis with departmental approval) OR
    • CHEM20284 & CHEM21284 - "Chemistry Across the Periodic Table" lecture and lab 

Additional Required Coursework

Students must complete an additional 9 credits of chemistry courses from the approved list. The three courses must span at least 2 areas (1-Organic & Inorganic, 2-Biochemistry, 3-Physical & Analytical, and 4-Special Electives). A minimum of 2 lecture courses (3 credits each) must come from areas 1-3, and a minimum of 2 lecture courses must be at the 30000 level or higher. A combination of upper division chemistry laboratory courses and seminars (not included on the approved list) can be considered for replacement of up to 3 credits of the required additional coursework with departmental pre-approval.