All applications for admission to the chemistry or biochemistry Ph.D. programs should be made through our online application. Domestic U.S. students may apply free of charge. During the application procedure you will be asked to select a division of interest (biochemistry, inorganic, organic, or physical/analytical). This is done strictly for administrative purposes and does not affect your ability to select research areas or supervisors once admitted to the program. Please consult our current graduate studies brochure  for more information on our graduate program.

Required application materials:

  • A completed online application
  • Three letters of recommendation

Submission of GRE scores is no longer a requirement of the application to the doctoral programs in chemistry or biochemistry.

In addition, international applicants must also submit:

  • An original language and an English translation of each transcript (submitted online)
  • Official scores of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) from all nonnative speakers of English

The Chemistry or Biochemistry GRE Subject Exam Scores are not required but may aid the application. On your application please highlight any research experience you have completed and ensure that at least one of the letters of recommendation is from a research supervisor if at all possible. We make our admissions decisions based on these criteria:

  • Demonstrable and documented research experience
  • Letters of recommendation from direct research advisors
  • Letters of recommendation from other people who know your work
  • Your transcript (including GPA and difficulty of attempted coursework)
  • GRE scores if submitted
  • Statement of intent
  • All other factors

Decisions on applications are made on an ongoing basis during the late Fall and early Spring semesters. Early applications are strongly encouraged. All applications for Fall admission should be received before December 15 for the biochemistry program and January 15 for the chemistry program. Applicants that are accepted onto the program are required to make a formal decision on their offer by April 15th.

Further information on the graduate program is available by contacting our Graduate Coordinator, Mariette Quinn, our Director of Graduate Admissions, Professor Vlad Iluc, or at the Graduate School Website.