Arnaldo Serrano

Arnaldo Serrano

Nonlinear and Multidimensional Spectroscopy


2017 - present
Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
2013 - 2017
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania
B.A. in Chemistry, Rutgers University

Selected Awards

ACS PHYS Division Postdoctoral Research Award
Hans Neurath Outstanding Promise Award

Research Interests

Femtosecond nonlinear and multidimensional spectroscopies provide windows into an array of molecular properties not available to more conventional optical techniques. By employing these methods as microscopies, new types of image contrast become possible. Research in the Serrano group will focus on both developing these new nonlinear imaging modes as well as using them to characterize structure and dynamics in heterogeneous environments.  Other problems of interest include measuring the interaction of drug molecules with protein targets using visible pump-infrared probe spectroscopy and characterizing the effect of macromolecular crowders, which mimic cellular environment, on the kinetics of protein aggregation using multidimensional infrared spectroscopy.

Recent Papers

  • Serrano, A. L.; Lomont, J. P.; Tu, L. H.; Raleigh, D. P.; Zanni, M. T. "A Free Energy Barrier Caused by the Refolding of an Oligomeric Intermediate Controls the Lag Time of Amyloid Formation by hiAPP." J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 16748-16758.
  • Kratochvil, H. T.; Carr, J. K.; Matulef, K.; Annen, A. W.; Li, H.; Maj, M.; Ostmeyer, J.; Serrano, A. L.; Raghuraman, H.; Moran, S. D.; Skinner, J. L.; Perozo, E.; Roux, B.; Valiyaveetil, F. I.; Zanni, M. T. "Instantaneous ion configurations in the K+ ion channel selectivity filter revealed by 2D IR spectroscopy." Science 2016, 353, 1040-1044.
  • Ostrander, J. S.; Serrano, A. L.; Ghosh, A.; Zanni, M. T. "Spatially Resolved Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy via Wide-Field Microscopy." ACS Photonics 2016, 3, 1315-1323.
  • Ghosh, A.; Serrano, A. L.; Oudenhoven, T. A.; Ostrander, J. S.; Eklund, E. C.; Blair, A. F.; Zanni, M. T. "Experimental implementations of 2D IR spectroscopy through a horizontal pulse shaper design and a focal plane array detector." Opt. Lett. 2016, 41, 524-527.
  • Serrano, A. L.; Ghosh, A.; Ostrander, J. S.; Zanni, M. T. "Wide-field FTIR microscopy using mid-IR pulse shaping." Opt. Express 2015, 23, 17815-17827.
  • Ghosh, A.; Ho, J.; Serrano, A. L.; Skoff, D. R.; Zhang, T.; Zanni, M. T. "Two-dimensional sum-frequency generation (2D SFG) spectroscopy: summary of principles and its application to amyloid fiber monolayers." Faraday Discuss. 2015, 177, 493-505.

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