A. Graham Lappin

A. Graham Lappin

Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms


Professor, University of Notre Dame
Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame
Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
Lecturer, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Leeds, England
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Purdue University
Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Glasgow, Scotland
B.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Selected Awards

Joyce Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Faculty Award, University of Notre Dame
Kaneb Teaching Award

Research Interests

Professor Lappin has worked in the area of mechanistic inorganic chemistry for the past twenty-five years. His interests cover both substitution reactions and redox processes of transition metal ion complexes and range from reactions of metalloproteins in biological systems to the corrosion chemistry associated with chemical reactors. Studies of cooperation between multiple reaction centers in chemical reactions have been a long standing area of research, particularly those involving multiple electron transfer or coupled electron and ion transfer.

Over the last decade the Lappin group has investigated phemomena associated with chiral induction in electron transfer and atom transfer reactions involving metal ion complexes and has provided much of the insight required for the interpretation of this effect. The inductions tend to be small but provide a very sensitive mechanistic probe. They occur quite generally in both outer-sphere and inner-sphere reactions.

Work in this area encompasses developments in molecular and chiral recognition and the characterization of weak interactions between metal complexes. These studies have led to the design of novel chiral ligands and investigations of new magnetic materials based on chiral paramagnetic metal complexes.

Recent Papers

  • Agurto, N.; Maldonado, T.; Godoy, F.; Gomez, A.; Silva, C. P.; Pavez, J.; Ferraudi, G.; Oliver, A.; Lappin, A. G. "Synthesis and characterization of organometallic chalcones functionalized with a crown ether fragment. Spectroscopic and electrochemical behavior." J. Organomet. Chem. 2017, 827, 32-40.
  • Ferraudi, G.; Lappin, A. G.; Ruiz, G. T.; Matsuhiro, B. "Photoinduced oxidation reactions of the pendent macrocyclic complexes: Al(III) phthalocyanine and Ni(II) annulene mechanistic considerations." Polyhedron 2016, 117, 381-387.
  • Saavedra Moncada, A.; Garcia Einschlag, F. S.; Prieto, E. D.; Ruiz, G. T.; Lappin, A. G.; Ferraudi, G. J.; Wolcan, E. "Photophysical properties of -Re(I)(CO)(3)(phen) pendants grafted to a poly-4-vinylpyridine backbone. A correlation between photophysical properties and morphological changes of the backbone." J. Photoch. Photobio. A 2016, 321, 284-296.
  • Gallagher, M. K.; Oliver, A. G.; Lappin, A. G. "Crystal structure of tris(trans-1,2-diaminocyclohexane-kappa N-2,N ')cobalt(III) trichloride monohydrate." Acta Crystallogr. E 2016, 72, 49.
  • Garcia, C.; Diaz, C.; Araya, P.; Isaacs, F.; Ferraudi, G.; Lappin, A. G.; Jesus Aguirre, M.; Isaacs, M. "Electrostatic self-assembled multilayers of tetrachromatedmetalloporphyrins/polyoxometalateand its electrocatalytic properties in oxygen reduction." Electrochim. Acta 2014, 146, 819-829.
  • Ferraudi, G.; Lappin, A. G. "Review: Properties chemical reactivity of metallo phthalocyanine and tetramethylbenzoannulene complexes grafted into a polymer." J. Coord. Chem.2014, 67, 3822-3839.

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