Steve Corcelli and Jim Parise Receive 2019 Joyce Awards

Author: Rebecca Hicks

Steve CorcelliProf. Steve Corcelli

Jim PariseProf. Jim Parise

Steve Corcelli, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Jim Parise, Teaching Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, have been selected as recipients of the 2019 Rev. Edmund P. Joyce C.S.C. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

The Joyce Awards honor faculty members who “have had a profound influence on the undergraduate learning experience, elevated students’ intellectual engagement, and fostered students’ ability to express themselves effectively within a disciplinary context.” Faculty members are nominated by peers and students.

Profs. Corcelli and Parise join 18 other faculty members as this year’s winners. Other recipients include Jay Howk (Physics), Sylwia Ptasinska (Physics), Matthew Ravosa (Biological Sciences), Mitchell Wayne (Physics), Patricia Blanchette (Philosophy), John Duffy (English), Andrew Gould (Political Science), Matthew Hall (Political Science), Elena Mangione-Lora (Romance Languages), Terence McDonnell (Sociology), David O’Connor (Philosophy), Timothy O’Malley (Theology), Yeonhee Yoon (East Asian Languages), Janet O’Tousa (Accountancy), Ramzi Bualuan (Computer Science & Engineering), David Go (Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering), Alexandros Taflanidis (Civil Engineering), Robert Brandt (Architecture).