Stack Lobbies on Capitol Hill

Author: Jenna Bilinski

On February 29 and March 1 2016, Harper Cancer Research Institute Director Dr. Sharon Stack was back at it again on Capitol Hill joining members of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance to advocate for the programs and research necessary for better ovarian cancer treatment. Advocates went to congressional offices and stated that prevention, awareness, development of new treatments and diagnostics, and better access to existing therapies are critical to battling this terrible disease. 


Stack emphasized three priority appropriations. They requested continued support of the Ovarian Cancer Research Program at the Department of Defense, Increased support of the National Cancer Institute in the overall NIH budget and Initiatives at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aimed at education and early detection.

The legislative priority advocated by the group was Legislation for support of the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act of 2015 that would require insurers to cover oral chemotherapy the same way that they cover injectable chemotherapy.

Lastly they were asked to join the Congressional Ovarian Cancer Caucus to promote overall awareness. 

Originally published by Jenna Bilinski at on March 01, 2016.