New Faculty member: Vlad Iluc

Author: Alec Hipshear

Dr Iluc is an expert in the synthesis and characterization of novel catalytic materials, and he comes with a stellar academic record. Dr Iluc completed his BSc at University Polithenica of Bucharest, Romania. He then moved to the University of Chicago where he completed his PhD under the guidance of Professor Gregory Hillhouse working on metal-ligand multiple bonds in nickel complexes supported by chelating bisphosphine ligands. Most recently Dr Iluc was a postdoctoral fellow the California Institute of Technology for the Nobel laureate Professor Robert Grubbs.  His work at Cal Tech has been directed towards studies of C-H activation reactions with iridium pincer complexes.

Dr Iluc proposes to work on several novel catalytic systems, with the development of new organometallic reagents being a central theme. Catalysis will need to play a critical role in solving the pressing issues in energy-related research.