New Faculty Member: Arnaldo Serrano

Author: Rebecca Hicks


We are delighted to welcome Dr. Arnaldo Serrano to the faculty at Notre Dame as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Dr. Serrano most recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin Madison with Prof. Martin Zanni, studying the structures and mechanism of amylin aggregation and developing novel spectroscopic techniques including wide-field femtosecond IR microscopy. In 2013, Dr. Serrano received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, where his work focused on the use of time-resolved spectroscopies for monitoring protein folding, under the advisement of Prof. Feng Gai.

At Notre Dame, Dr. Serrano plans to develop new nonlinear imaging techniques such as time-resolved nonlinear and multidimensional microscopies. He will use these and other techniques to characterize structure and dynamics of compounds in heterogeneous environments. Notable applications include studying the interaction of drug molecules with protein targets using visible pump-infrared probe spectroscopy and the kinetics of protein aggregation using multidimensional infrared spectroscopy.

Dr. Serrano is the recipient of the American Chemical Society Division of Physical Chemistry Postdoctoral Research Award and the Hans Neurath Outstanding Promise Award.