Jay Giblin and Masaru Kuno's Invited Perspective Published in JPCL

Professor Masaru Kuno’s and Jay Giblin’s work on nanostructure absorption has been highlighted in an invited Perspective article, as well as a video, in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. The study is entitled, Nanostructure Absorption: A comparative study of Nanowire and Colloidal Quantum Dot Absorption Cross Sections. Within it they touch on the importance of quantum dots and nanowires in applications such as light emitting elements, solar cells, and photodetectors, and discuss in detail why nanowires absorb more light per unit volume than quantum dots. The video, narrated by Jay, gives a brief overview of the synthetic and optical techniques that the Kuno lab is using to investigate these two important nanomaterials.

Click on the links to see the article and view the Perspective Video posted on the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters website.

In the photo: Masaru Kuno, left, and Jay Giblin, right.