Graduate Students Awarded CBBI Fellowships

Seven graduate students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry have been awarded CBBI fellowships for 2008-2009.  The fellowships carry an annual stipend of $25,000 plus health insurance and travel support for research internship.  The CBBI fellows for 2008-2009 are:


  • Rosanne Frederick (2nd year biochemistry student, Jennifer Dubois’s group)
  • Francis Insaidoo (4th year biochemistry student, Brian Baker’s group)
  • Julia Philip (1st year physical chemistry student, Holly Goodson’s group)
  • Kurt Piepenbrink (3rd year biochemistry student, Brian Baker’s group)
  • Ian Sander (2nd year biochemistry student, Patricia Clark’s group)
  • Bryan Smith (1st year biochemistry student, Bradley Smith’s group)
  • Timothy Wencewicz (2nd year organic chemistry student, Marvin Miller’s group)


The Chemistry-Biochemistry-Biology Interface Program is an NIH-funded program that trains students in an interdisciplinary environment at the interface of chemistry, biochemistry, and biology.