Four Research Assistant Professor Positions

As part of a campus-wide Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI), the University of Notre Dame seeks applicants for four Research Assistant Professor positions.

These faculty positions will have dual roles of supporting new core experimental and computational facilities and developing research programs either independently or in collaboration with other Notre Dame SEI faculty. The SEI strategy involves the Colleges of Engineering and Science as well as the Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory to make advances in key energy research focus areas of Safer Nuclear, Cleaner Fossil, and Transformative Solar.

The first position is associated with the Materials Characterization Facility and will require developing a research program in materials synthesis and characterization, especially as applied to molecular and heterogeneous catalysis, separations, or photochemical energy conversion and storage.

The second position is for a Research Assistant Professor in Chemical Simulations for Energy. This individual will be associated with a new SEI computational facility and will bring experience in and enthusiasm for the development and application of classical and/or first-principles chemical simulations tools for energy-related applications.

The third position is associated with the Actinide Materials Characterization Facility. The ideal candidate will have experience in actinide solution/speciation chemistry and the characterization of actinide coordination environments in solution.

The fourth position is for a Research Assistant Professor to oversee both the Cleaner Fossil and Transformative Solar laboratories, as well as to develop a research program in one or both of these areas. The cleaner fossil laboratory focuses on gasification and subsequent gas separation technologies, while the solar laboratory will require experience with photochemical and other analytical techniques.

Further information can be obtained at the employment opportunities section of the departmental website here.