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Researcher discovers key to how a cell wall promotes bacterial replication

Author: Deanna Csomo McCool

There are more bacteria in our mouths than the population of people on the planet, and no matter how clean our houses are, they’re brimming with various types of these micro-organisms. Still, despite bacteria’s ubiquitous influence, there’s so much that scientists do not know about them, according to University of Notre Dame chemist Shahriar Mobashery.

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Chemistry major fosters solar power from Nepal to Notre Dame

Author: Naya Tadavarthy

Drysdale Jake 2 Smaller

Last summer, chemistry major Jake Drysdale studied perovskite solar cells in the Notre Dame lab of Prashant V. Kamat, worked with the Nepal-based company Gham Power to bring solar-powered water pumps to small farmers, and founded his own company, Yeti Photovoltaic, to make this technology more accessible to all.



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Random connection turned into research for Notre Dame chemistry senior

Author: Ashton Weber

Clare Cahir came to Notre Dame four years ago with the intention of pursuing undergraduate research. After settling into campus for her first semester, she spent the second reaching out to several professors, searching for the right research fit. 

She initially contacted biochemistry Professor Matthew Champion, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, for information about his lab, but received a surprising response. He emailed back to tell Clare that his wife, Patricia Champion, associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, was an alumna of the same small, Catholic, all-female high school in New Jersey that Clare had just graduated from. He suggested that the connection was not a coincidence and that they should work together. 

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