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Elizabeth Peuchen earns an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Author: Stephanie Healey

First-year graduate student Elizabeth Peuchen is an awardee in the 2015 Graduate Research Fellowships Program (GRFP) from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Eight College of Science students and two alumni received awards. In addition, several students and alumni received honorable mentions. There were over 16,000 applications for this year's GRFP with 2,000 awardees nationwide.

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Notre Dame researchers report first nanoscopic mapping of energy transfer between single plasmonic particles and semiconductor substrates

Author: Rebecca Hicks

NanoLett paper image

A group of researchers, led by Prof. Jon Camden, has reported the first nanoscale mapping of the flow of energy between light-harvesting plasmonic nanoparticles and semiconductor substrates. This work demonstrates an exciting new method for researchers to use in probing competing energy transfer mechanisms in nanoparticle on semiconductor systems.

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