Anthony Trozzolo

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Professor Emeritus


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B.S. from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1950;  M.S. (1957) and Ph.D. (1960) degrees from the University of Chicago. In 1959, he joined the Bell Telephone Laboratories until 1975, when he became Huisking Professor at Notre Dame. Elected Fellow of the AAAS(1963), the American Institute of Chemists (1962), and the Inter-American Photochemical Society (2000).  Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society (1975-76) and  Editor of Chemical Reviews (1977-84). Trustee of the Gordon Research Conferences and named an ACS Fellow in 2011. Received Distinguished Alumnus Award from Illinois Institute of Technology (2009) and from University of Chiicago (2012).

Research Interests

Professor Trozzolo's research interests have been primarily in the creation and detection of reactive intermediates. The methodology often involves low-temperature photochemistry or solid-state photochemistry. Among the intermediates studied are carbenes, azomethine ylides (from aziridines), carbonyl ylides (from oxiranes), and nitrenes (from azides). The detection techniques include e.p.r. spectroscopy, laser spectroscopy, and optical spectroscopy. In addition , Dr. Trozzolo has also conducted research in the following fields: photostabilization of polymers, dye lasers, singlet molecular oxygen, charge-transfer complexes, molecular magnets, and superconducting intercalation complexes.