Wiley Publishes Tao's Book "Functionalization of Semiconductor Surfaces"

Franklin (Feng) Tao, an assistant professor of chemistry, has recently published a book with Steve Bernasek, Functionalization of Semiconductor Surfaces in both hardcopy and electronic copy by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

This book provides a complete and current review of the latest findings, practical applications, and active research in the organic functionalization of semiconductor surfaces. Readers will discover how the characteristics and properties of various organic functional groups when combined with inorganic molecules can lead to increasingly enhanced functional materials, including microchips and biosensors. This book is invaluable for chemists, engineers, and students who are involved in investigations of the surface chemistry of semiconductors and organic functionalization of semiconductor surfaces. Moreover, the book sets the foundation for the development of the next generation of microelectronic computing, micro- and optoelectronic devices, microelectromechanical machines, three-dimensional memory chips, silicon-based nano sensors, and nano-patterned biomaterials.

Franklin joined Notre Dame in August 2010. Currently he is leading a group working in the field of catalysis of nanomaterial toward efficient energy conversion by using new ambient pressure XPS and ambient pressure high temperature STM.