Chemistry/Biochemistry Graduate Teaching Awards Announced

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is pleased to announce the 2010 Graduate Teaching Award recipients. Jennifer L. Starner has been awarded the Emil T. Hofman Award for outstanding teaching in the first year program. The Jeremiah P. Freeman Award for teaching in organic chemistry has been won by Timothy A. Wencewicz, and the Rudy Bottei Graduate Teaching Award goes to Christopher J. Meyer. The Roger K. Bretthauer Award for teaching in biochemistry goes to Jordan L. Scott. Recipients of Kaneb Outstanding Teaching Assistants were Matthew M. Jobbins, Andrew T. Johnson, Raul E. Juarez, Michelle M. Lang-Bertke, Eric Stefan, and Kelsey M. Stocker.

The department wishes to congratulate these exceptional students and thank all of our teaching assistants for their dedication and hard work.