2017 Equipment Restoration and Renewal Grant Awardees Announced

Author: Brandi Klingerman

Mc3 1741

Mc3 1741

Notre Dame Research has provided eight researchers or research groups from three Colleges and Schools with awards from the Equipment Restoration and Renewal (ERR) grant program for 2017. The ERR grant program was created to assist in the restoration, replacement, and renewal of the facilities needed for faculty research, scholarship, and creative endeavor.

In describing the awards, Richard E. Billo, Associate Vice President for Research, said, “The Equipment Restoration and Renewal grant program was developed to help Notre Dame researchers gain access to the resources and equipment they need to be successful. By doing so, we can continue to foster an environment that encourages research, scholarship, and creative endeavor across all seven Colleges and Schools at the University.”

The 2017 grant awardees are:


The competition for the ERR grant program is announced during the winter, with deadlines typically falling in February. For more information, including how to apply for next year’s competition, please visit https://research.nd.edu/our-services/funding-opportunities/faculty/internal-grants-programs/equipment-restoration-and-renewal-program/

Notre Dame Research’s Internal Grants Program supports faculty researchers and programs with the goal of advancing the University’s research enterprise. For more information on research funding opportunities, including the Internal Grants Program, please see research.nd.edu.


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Originally published by Brandi Klingerman at research.nd.edu on March 20, 2017.