IMPACT Lecture Series

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The IMPACT Lecture Series is a student-led invited lecture program attracting notable speakers from diverse areas of chemistry and biochemistry. Graduate students manage the program, from speaker selection and invitation, all the way through hosting the speaker and coordinating the details of the speaker's visit. This series, funded by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, allows students a unique opportunity both to invite speakers whose research is of particular interest and to have more time with a speaker to discuss research or professional development. 

Recent IMPACT Lecturers

Year Lecturer Affiliation Year Lecturer Affiliation
2020 Jin-Quan Yu Scripps Research Institute 2017 Christy Landes Rice University
2019 Lee Cronin University of Glasgow 2017 Theodore Betley Harvard University
2019 Rama Khokha University of Toronto 2017 Oleg Ozerov Texas A&M University
2019 Heather Allen Ohio State University 2017 Teri Odom Northwestern University
2019 Michael Fayer Stanford University 2016 Carlos Bustamante University of California Berkeley
2019 Amy Palmer University of Colorado - Boulder 2016 Sarah Reisman California Institute of Technology
2019 Patrick Holland Yale University 2016 George Schatz Northwestern University
2018 Christina White University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2015 Justin Du Bois Stanford University
2018 Emily Balskus Harvard University 2015 Phillip Messersmith University of California Berkeley
2018 Thomas Rapoport Harvard University 2014 Jonas Peters California Institute of Technology
2017 Stephan Link Rice University