George Gray (University of Notre Dame)


Location: 129 DeBartolo Hall

Byungjin Hwang, David S. Lee, Whitney Tamaki, Yang Sun, Anton Ogorodnikov, George C. Hartoularos, Aidan Winters, Bertrand Z. Yeung, Kristopher L. Nazor, Yun S. Song, Eric D. Chow, Matthew H. Spitzer & Chun Jimmie Ye

Abstract:  Droplet-based single-cell sequencing (dsc-seq) presents the ability to profile the proteome from thousands of cells simultaneously. However, the high per cell cost prevents dsc-seq workflows from being more commonly used. Hwang, et al present a method that uses splint oligonucleotides to analyze dsc-seq of DNA-barcoded antibodies from greater than 105 cells per reaction. They demonstrate that SCITO-seq produces estimates of protein expression similar to those determined via mass cytometry. Two modifications of the splint oligo design allow for extension of SCITO-seq for simultaneous profiling of surface proteins and the transcriptome of the same cell. SCITO-seq shows the possibility of use as a high-throughput method for single-cell profiling.

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