Janeala Morsby (University of Notre Dame


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Abstract: ( copied verbatim from paper). Citation is provided to give ownership for the abstract. 

Bladder cancer (BC) is a prevalent disease with high morbidity and mortality; however, in vivo optical imaging of BC remains challenging because of the lack of cancer‐specific optical agents with high renal clearance. Herein, a macromolecular reporter (CyP1) was synthesized for real‐time near‐infrared fluorescence (NIRF) imaging and urinalysis of BC in living mice. Because of the high renal clearance (ca. 94 % of the injection dosage at 24 h post‐injection) and its cancer biomarker (APN=aminopeptidase N) specificity, CyP1 can be efficiently transported to the bladder and specially turn on its NIRF signal to report the detection of BC in living mice. Moreover, CyP1 can be used for optical urinalysis, permitting the ex vivo tracking of tumor progression for therapeutic evaluation and easy translation of CyP2 as an in vitro diagnostic assay. This study not only provides new opportunities for non‐invasive diagnosis of BC, but also reveals useful guidelines for the development of molecular reporters for the detection of bladder diseases.  (Citation: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 4415 – 4420)

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