Julie Peller (Valparaiso University)


Location: 123 Nieuwland Science Hall

CGSO Sponsored Alumni in Academia Talk

This semester, our "Alumni in Academia " series seminar features speaker Dr. Julie Peller.  Dr. Peller received her Ph.D. degree in chemistry at Note Dame in 2003, and is now a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Valparaiso.  Her specialists are organic and environmental chemistry, and her research interests include water/air quality analyses, Lake Michigan shoreline challenges, and student and citizen participation in environmental work.  Topics covered in this talk include her decision to enter academia, how she prepared for starting her her career, work-life balance with a young family in graduate school and major milestones on her career journey.  Advice and outlook for graduate students interested in academia.  Postdocs and graduate students interested in careers in academia are highly encouraged to attend.

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