Jennifer Praner (University of Notre Dame)


Location: 244 DeBartolo Hall


Posttranslational modifications are responsible for tuning the function of microtubules. Most posttranslational modification sites are on the exterior of the microtubule where enzymes have relatively free access. Acetylation, however, occurs on the interior of the microtubule. This paper explores the possible mechanism by which the acetyltransferase enzyme αTAT1 is able to access this site. 



Courtney Coombes, Ami Yamamoto, Mark McClellan, Taylor A. Reid, Melissa Plooster, G. W. Gant Luxton, Joshua Alper, Jonathon Howard, and Melissa K. Gardner., (2016) Mechanism of microtubule lumen entry for the α-tubulin acetyltransferase enzyme αTAT1. PNAS. 113 (46): E7176-E7184

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