Charlotte N. Kunkler ( University of Notre Dame)


Location: 244 DeBartolo Hall

Green fluorescent protein (GFP) has transformed the study of proteins in real time inside cells. Spinach RNA, an in vitroevolved RNA aptamer, provides a comparable approach for studying RNA inside cells. This seminar will focus on the X-ray crystal structure of the Spinach/DFHBI complex presented by the Ferré-D'Amaré Laboratory (Warner et al., 2014).This structure has advanced our understanding of the fluorescent properties of the complex, resulting in the design a smaller, more versatile “Baby Spinach” as well as other fluorogenic RNAs. 


Warner, K. D., Chen, M. C., Song, W., Strack, R. L., Thorn, A., Jaffrey, S. R., & Ferré-D’Amaré, A. R. (2014). Structural basis for activity of highly efficient RNA mimics of green fluorescent protein. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology21(8), 658–63.

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