Oleg Ozerov (Texas A & M University)


Location: 127 Nieuwland Science Hall

Pincer complexes of late transition metals have been widely used in studies of stoichiometric and catalytic activation of carbon-hydrogen and carbon-heteroatom bonds. Our group recently demonstrated the impressive potential of Ir pincer complexes in C-H bond borylation of terminal alkynes1,2 and arenes.3 Studies of transformations that involve metal-boryl intermediates where the boryl group originates from a reagent have led us to consider alternative approaches to bond activation that incorporate boryl donors into supporting pincer ligands.4 We have discovered that activation C-H and other bonds of heteroatom-containing substrates is possible with unique selectivities relying on coordination of the heteroatom to the metal-bound boryl donor. The current efforts are focused on optimizing this type of reactivity for catalytic applications.

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