Bishnu Panda Chatterjee (West Bengal University of Technology)


Location: Radiation Laboratory Auditorium

"Lectins as Versatile Tools for Biomedical Research"


Lectins are a class of proteins or glycoproteins of nonimmune origin omnipresent in nature that bind to carbohydrates on cells leading to several biological events such as cell adhesion, fertilization, signal transduction, metastasis, apoptosis. Because of their binding affinity for carbohydrates, they are widely used as preparative and analytical tools in biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, medicinal chemistry and glycobiology. In the present “Omics” era “lectinomics” plays a pivotal role in diagnosis of many diseases. The present talk comprises of isolation of several lectins from diverse origins with their diverse carbohydrate specificity. Search for accurate diagnostic biomarkers using lectinomics for rheumatoid arthritis, and different types of hepatitis are the central theme of talk. Usefulness of self-assembled lectin monolayer and quantum dot conjugated lectin to study cell surface carbohydrates will be a part of discussion.

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