Shannon Cornett (Bruker)


Location: 123 Nieuwland Science Hall

"New Frontiers for Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Striving for Maximum Resolution and Molecular Information"
Imaging Mass spectrometry is a unique analysis tool that can detect hundreds of endogenous molecular species from cells and map the molecular distribution of each within a single section of tissue without the use of tags, labels or antibodies. Cells that exhibit similar histolopathological features can be seen to express very different molecular or proteomic profiles which are likely to be good predictors/indicators of biological activity. Since its introduction ten years ago, imaging mass spectrometry has seen widespread applications driven by clinical and biopharmaceutical sciences seeking a better understanding of the progression and treatment of diseases like cancer. This seminar will examine the present capabilities of the technique with a focus on recent developments that seek to improve the quality of the information extracted from imaging data.

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