Endowed Lectureships

The Nieuwland Lectureships

Julius Nieuwland Young

The Nieuwland Lectureships were established in 1943 by Rev. J. Hugh O'Donnell, C.S.C., then President of the University of Notre Dame, as a permanent memorial to the late Rev. Julius A. Nieuwland, C.S.C. Rev. Nieuwland was born in Hansbeke, Belgium in 1878. He earned an A.B. at the University of Notre Dame in 1899 and a Ph.D. in chemistry at Catholic University, Washington, D.C. in 1904. He joined the faculty of the University of Notre Dame in 1904, and he was Professor of Organic Chemistry from 1918 until his death in 1936.

Nieuwland's career as a chemist was devoted largely to the study of acetylene and its reactions. He developed the basic chemistry which led to the synthesis of neoprene, the first practically useful synthetic chemistry elastomer, and he discovered and explored a variety of catalytic processes in acetylene chemistry. Rev. Nieuwland was awarded the Nichols Medal of the New York Section of the American Chemical Society in 1935. He also received many other honors and distinctions.

Nieuwland Lecturers

Year Lecturer Affiliation Year Lecturer Affiliation
2019 Matthew Francis University of California-Berkeley 2009 Jeffrey W. Kelly The Scripps Research Institute
2018 Ronald Breaker Yale University 2007 A. Paul Alivisatos University of California-Berkeley
2016 Clark R. Landis University of Wisconsin-Madison 2007 Dale L. Boger The Scripps Research Institute
2015 Mark A. Johnson Yale University 2006 Jean-Marie Lehn ISIS, Universite Loius Pasteur Strasbourg
2015 Gunda I. Georg University of Minnesota 2006  Christopher T. Walsh Harvard Medical School
2013 Joe W. Gray Oregon Health & Science University 2004 Sunny Xie Harvard University
2013 David Milstein The Weizmann Institute of Science 2002 Fraser Stoddart University of California-Los Angeles
2012 Peidong Yang University of California-Berkeley 2001 John E. Bercaw California Institute of Technology
2010 Chi-Huey Wong National Taiwan University 2000 Peter B. Moore Yale University
2010 Michael A. Marletta University of California-Berkeley 1999 Mostafa El-Sayed Georgia Institute of Technology

The Reilly Lectureships


In 1945, Peter C. Reilly endowed the Peter C. Reilly Science Fund at the University of Notre Dame. This funds the Reilly Lectureships in both Chemistry and Biochemistry and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering as well as fellowships for students in both departments. Over 300 distinguished scientists from the United States and abroad have occupied the Peter C. Reilly lectureship in chemistry since 1948.

Peter C. Reilly was born in Providence, RI in 1869, the son of Irish immigrants. He attended LaSalle Academy in Providence and entered the coal-tar business in 1886. In 1900, he organized his own coal-tar distilling company in Indianapolis, IN, where he had moved in 1895. This company became known as the Reilly Tar and Chemical Corporation. Mr. Reilly was a director or trustee of numerous commercial, educational, and charitable organizations. He was a member of the State Advisory Council of the Indiana University Medical Center and a Lay Trustee of the University of Notre Dame, which conferred the honorary LL.D. degree on him in 1939.  Mr. Reilly died in Indianapolis in 1952.

Reilly Lecturers

Year Lecturer Affiliation Year Lecturer Affiliation
2021 Andrei Tokmakoff University of Chicago 2016 David Agard University of California-San Francisco
2021 Tomislav Rovis Columbia University 2016 Clifford Kubiak Yale University
2019 Lawrence Que, Jr. University of Minnesota 2015 Karen Wooley Texas A&M University
2019 Neil Garg University of California-Los Angeles 2015 Sharon Hammes-Schiffer University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
2019 Kyoko Nazaki University of Tokyo 2015 Mina Bissell Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2019 Timothy Harris Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2015 Peter Wolczanski Cornell University
2019 Lorena Beese Duke University 2014 Larry Overman University of California-Irvine
2018 Francois Gabbai Texas A&M University 2014 T. Don Dilley University of California-Berkeley
2017 Seth Herzon Yale University 2013 David Walt Tufts University
2017 Daniel Crawford Virginia Tech 2013 Gregory Fu California Institute of Technology
2017 R. Graham Cooks Purdue University 2013 Naomi Halas Rice University
2016 Helen Blackwell University of Wisconsin-Madison 2012 Jennifer Doudna University of California-Berkeley


The Freeman Lectureships

Jerry Freeman Cropped

Freeman's research interests were centered in the area of organic nitrogen compounds, particularly those containing nitrogen in intermediate oxidation states, such as nitrones nitrimines, and nitroso compounds. He was elected secretary of Organic Synthesis Inc. in 1979 and served in that capacity until 2004, during which time he edited four of the publications five-year collective volumes and assembled a cumulative index of the first eight volumes.The Freeman Lecture is sponsored by the Jeremiah P. Freeman Organic Synthesis Lectureship Endowment with support from Notre Dames Nieuwland Lectures, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the College of Science. Freeman received his bachelor's degree in 1950 from the University of Notre Dame and earned masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Illinois in 1951 and 1953 respectively. He began his career with the chemistry group of the Redstone Arsenal Research Division of the Rohm and Hass Company, before returning to Notre Dame in 1964 to join the organic chemistry faculty. While at Notre Dame, Freeman served as assistant chair and chairman of the department from 1965 to 1979 and as associate dean of the College of Science from 1988 to 1991. He also was an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow from 1966 to 1968 and served as secretary-treasurer, and later chairman, of the Organic Division of the American Chemical Society from 1969 to 1975.

Freeman Lecturers

Year Lecturer Affiliation Year Lecturer Affiliation
2021 John Wood Baylor University 2009 Kendall Houck University of California-Los Angeles
2018 Vy Dong University of California-Irvine 2008 Jan Backvall Stockholm  University
2016 Anna Mapp University of Michigan 2006 Samuel Danishefsky Sloan Kettering Institute
2015 Rick Danheiser Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2006 K. Barry Sharpless The Scripps Research Institute
2014 Marvin Miller University of Notre Dame 2004 Per-Ola Norrby University of Gothenburg
2013 Andrew Holmes University of Melbourne      
2011 Erick Carreira ETH Zurich      
2011 Karl Scheidt Northwestern University      
2010 John Macor Bristol Myers Squibb