Report a Safety ConcernSafety is of central importance in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Ensuring a safe workplace is the joint responsibility of all coworkers, faculty and administrators. The Department supports a strongly procative approach to safety concerns.

You can report a safety concern by clicking on the adjacent picture.

Prior to starting experimental work all new laboratory coworkers must complete safety training, read the relevent safety documents, and sign the appropriate forms. 

Summary of coworker requirements before starting laboratory work:

The specific reqirements for appropriate training and completion of forms varies with your position (minor, graduate student etc.) and the nature of the research you will be conducting (general laboraotry, radiation, biological etc.). A checklist is supplied through completion of the appropriate coworker compliance form (either for minors or others). The list below summarizes the steps required for all coworkers.

  1. Contact Risk Management & Safety to take training. If timing is an issue contact Mary Prorok (below).
  2. Read the Chemical Hygiene Plan, as well as all pertinent safety manuals and policies associated with the planned laboratory work.
  3. Read the Department's General Laboratory Safety Rules and Regulations.
  4. Consult with your faculty supervisor regarding the specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policy of his/her laboratory. If required, comlete and have your advisor sign an Employee PPE Knowledge Certification Form.
  5. Read any laboratory specific protocols and undertake any laboratory specific requirements for safety training.
  6. Complete the appropriate coworker compliance form.

Departmental Safety Committee

  • Mary Prorok, Chair [, 1-9120]
  • Prashant Kamat
  • Allen Oliver
  • Rich Taylor
  • Olaf Wiest
  • Lance Hellman (postdoctoral researcher representative)
  • Cory Ayres (graduate student representative)
  • Susan Skube (staff¬†representative)