Başar Bilgiçer

Başar Bilgiçer

Biophysical Chemistry and Biomolecular Drug Design


Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Postdoc, Harvard University

Ph.D., Tufts University

Research Interests

Multivalent biomolecular interactions are very important in biological systems. A deeper understanding of the thermodynamics and kinetics of multivalent interactions in biological systems is imperative in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic agents. My lab focuses on both understanding the basic dynamic principles of multivalent biomolecular interactions, as well as design of multivalent therapeutic and diagnostic molecules which will deliver novel solutions to complex diseases (e.g. cancer, autoimmune diseases, and allergies).

Recent Papers

  • Başar Bilgiçer, Demetri T. Moustakas, and George M. Whitesides. A synthetic trivalent hapten that aggregates anti-2,4-DNP IgG into bicyclic trimers. Journal of The American Chemical Society, 2007, 129:3722-3728
  • Michael W Handlogten, Tanyel Kiziltepe, Demetri T Moustakas and Basar Bilgicer. Design of a Heterobivalent Ligand to Inhibit IgE Clustering on Mast Cells. Chemistry and Biology, 2011, 18, 1179-1188
  • Stefanick, J. F.; Kiziltepe, T.; Handlogten, M. W.; Alves, N. J.; Bilgicer, B. Enhancement of Antibody Selectivity via Bicyclic Complex Formation. J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 2012, 3 (5), 598-602
  • Başar Bilgiçer, Samuel W. Thomas III, Bryan F. Shaw, George K. Kaufman, Vijay M. Krishnamurthy, Lara A. Estroff, Jerry Yang and George M. Whitesides. A Non-Chromatographic Method for the Purification of a Bivalently Active Monoclonal IgG Antibody from Biological Fluids. Journal of The American Chemical Society, 2009, 131, 9361-9367
  • Natascha Naarmann, Başar Bilgiçer, He Meng, Krishna Kumar and Claudia Steinem. Fluorinated Interfaces Drive Self Association of Transmembrane Helices in Lipid Bilayers. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2006, 45:2588-2591
  • Başar Bilgiçer and Krishna Kumar. De Novo Design of Defined Helical Bundles in Membrane Environments. Proceedings in the National Academy of Sciences, 2004, 101:15324-15329

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