Allen Oliver

Allen Oliver


2013 -            Research Professor, University of Notre Dame
2008-2013    Associate Research Professor, University of Notre Dame
2006-2008    Associate Specialist, University of California, Santa Cruz
2002-2006    Assistant Specialist, University of California, Berkeley
2000-2002    Postdoctoral Research Scholar, University of California, Berkeley
2000               Ph.D. in Chemistry, Waikato University, New Zealand
1994               M.S. (Hons.) in Chemistry, Waikato University, New Zealand
1993               B.S. in Chemistry, Waikato University, New Zealand

Research Interests

Crystallography is the study of crystals, their form and structure. In chemistry, we most commonly use crystallography to determine the composition and connectivity of the atoms that make up crystals. From this we can get the 3D molecular structure or the extended structure, which is useful to answer questions of coordination, connectivity, function, reactivity, biological activity, and more. Here at Notre Dame, we use crystallography to study models for the heme site in proteins, to study drug candidates, metal-organic frameworks, and the structure of carbohydrates, as well to study more basic questions of coordination chemistry.

The Molecular Structure Facility is a department resource providing single-crystal X-ray structure determinations for researchers both within the department and without. We perform hundreds of experiments each year, using three state of the art instruments. Most of the experiments are performed by students for their own research after coursework and individual training in crystallography.

Recent Papers

  • Latendresse, T.P.; Adams, S.J.; Grant, G.J.; Lee, J.P.; Oliver, A.G. "Synthetic and structural studies of heteroleptic platinum(II) and palladium(II) complexes containing thiacrown and monodentate phosphane ligands." Polyhedron 2016, 114, 80-87.
  • Dembowski, M.; Olds, T.A.; Pellegrini, K.L.; Hoffman, C.; Wang, X.P.; Hickam, S.; He, J.H.; Oliver, A.G.; Burns, P.C. "Solution P-31 NMR Study of the Acid-Catalyzed Formation of a Highly Charged {U(24)Pp(12)} Nanocluster, [(UO2)(24)(O-2)(24)(P2O7)(12)](48-), and Its Structural Characterization in the Solid State Using Single-Crystal Neutron Diffraction." J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138(27), 8547-8553.
  • Clay, J.M.; Hesek, D.; Oliver, A.G.; Lee, M.; Fisher, J.F. "Ensemble of Pinanones from the Permanganate Oxidation of Myrtenal." J. Org. Chem. 2016, 81(13), 5705-5709.
  • Bridgman, E.C.; Doherty, M.M.; Ellis, K.A.; Homer, E.A.; Lashbrook, T.N.; Mraz, M.E.; Pernesky, G.C.; Vreeke, E.M.; Oshin, K.D.; Oliver, A.G. "Crystal structure of [tris(pyridin-2-ylmethyl)amine-kappa N-4]copper(II) bromide." Acta Crystallogr. E 2016, 72, 801.
  • Scheidt, W.R.; Duval, H.F.; Oliver, A.G. "Ring-strain release in neutral and dicationic 7,8,17,18-tetrabromo-5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl-porphyrin: crystal structures of C44H26Br4N4 and C44H28Br4N42+•2ClO4-•3CH2Cl2" Acta Crystallogr. E 2016, 72, 824.
  • Moraski, G.C.; Seeger, N.; Miller, P.A.; Oliver, A.G.; Boshoff, H.I.; Cho, S.; Mulugeta, S.; Anderson, J.R.; Franzblau, S.G.; Miller, M.J. "Arrival of Imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole-5-carboxamides: Potent Antituberculosis Agents That Target QcrB." ACS Infect. Dis. 2016, 2(6), 393-398.

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