Finances & Lifestyle

Financial Support​

All first-year students are supported as teaching assistants during the academic year and receive, in addition to a competitive stipend, a full tuition scholarship and a summer research appointment. After the first year, students are supported as teaching or research assistants either through university support, by their faculty mentor through external research awards or through external fellowships. Support is provided as long as progress towards degree requirements is being made.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, the 12-month stipend for entering students is $28,840. A full tuituon scholarship of $49,450 is provided to all graduate students. Several university and departmental fellowships that provide higher stipends are also available on a competitive basis.

Graduate Student Life


Graduate school requires intense focus, discipline, commitment, and perseverance. In addition, maturity, creativity, and a sense of purpose are crucial to pursuit of a Ph.D. The Notre Dame community houses several enriching extra-curricular opportunities that many of our graduate students take advantage of while here on campus. The role of the Graduate Student Life program at Notre Dame is to provide a wide range of resources and experiences outside of the classroom, library or lab to assist students in sustaining a healthy and happy life at Notre Dame. For more information visit Graduate Student Life.